How to Use LinkedIn as a Powerful Social Seller


Is your professional goal to increase conversions from B2B marketing? Do you want to turn LinkedIn into a goldmine for new business opportunities? The good news is that these goals are realistic — if you make good use of social selling on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Business is an excellent marketing tool for building up a list of prospects, for establishing your reputation as an expert, and for having a proactive social approach. In becoming an absolute expert on Lin$kedIn, you will be able to quickly build lasting relationships with your B2B prospects based on mutual benefit and communication.

Become a Social Seller and watch your LinkedIn-generated business soar with these 10 important tips.

10 Tips for Using LinkedIn


LinkedIn Tip #1 Build a Coherent and Authentic Image

Have you heard of personal branding? Personal branding is the professional image you present to other professionals. This image is important on LinkedIn, since it allows you to prove your expertise and can become a key source of business opportunities. Pay it particular attention and you are sure to stand out.

LinkedIn Tip #2 Share Relevant Content

Sharing content is necessary if you want your LinkedIn contacts to consider you an expert in your field. We suggest that you publish often, and always make sure your content is geared toward your audience by offering them information relevant to their sector.

LinkedIn Tip #3 Establish a Quality LinkedIn Network

A large number of LinkedIn contacts alone isn’t enough to generate B2B sales. Your LinkedIn network must be made up of prospects that have a direct connection with your business and your goals. Think quality over quantity.

LinkedIn Tip #4 Think Long Term

By building a mid-term and long-term strategy, you can predict what will lead to a better online presence. Take the time to reflect on the concrete goals that you wish to achieve and jot down possible strategies to get there.

LinkedIn Tip #5 Use LinkedIn Daily

Make use of your LinkedIn profile in a daily and sustainable manner. You can share, comment and communicate with your connections in order to prove that you are proactive.

LinkedIn Tip #6 Understand Your Target

The nice thing about LinkedIn is that you can get to know a lot about your targets, whether it’s through posts or original content. Find out why your prospects use LinkedIn and don’t hesitate to send personalized messages.

LinkedIn Tip #7 Learn About Content

LinkedIn is a wealth of professional information. Consult and seek out content published on LinkedIn regularly, and take advantage of what you find to discover the latest trends.

LinkedIn Tip #8 Optimize Your Profile

There is one excellent way to make your profile stand out from other professionals: optimization. Integrate relevant and strategic keywords into your profile and posts that describe your business and responsibilities.

LinkedIn Tip #9 Analyze Your Surroundings

Take time to analyze your LinkedIn profile and to learn more about your audience. Listen carefully to your prospects’ wants and needs; this will help you better equip yourself to convince them when it comes time to sell yourself.

LinkedIn Tip #10 Take Advantage of Social Selling

Social selling, relationship marketing combined with the use of social media, is a driver of business opportunities for you on LinkedIn. Learn how to use it well and generate new business opportunities!

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