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V3 Digital: Specialized LinkedIn Consultants for Boosting B2B Sales


Does business growth set the tempo for your daily assignments? Is your business looking to increase its B2B sales? Do you want to combine technology and relationships to increase your business prospects? Do you believe in the power that LinkedIn has to boost your sales?

V3 Digital is home to consultants who accompany B2B companies in growing their business using LinkedIn. We leverage the art of social selling, which combines sales, strategy, technology, and human interaction, to create business by connecting you with other business owners.

V3 Digital consultants are experts at using LinkedIn as a tool for business development. Throughout the years, we’ve developed an expertise, a methodology, and digital tools to help our clients get results.

With an extremely high satisfaction rate among clients such as Desjardins, Bell Media and numerous others, V3 Digital has proven itself to be an outstanding service for businesses that want to use LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

Our consultants have designed LinkedIn marketing solutions to boost your business network and get your foot in the door with high-quality prospects.

LinkedIn Consultants and Your Annual Plan

V3 Digital will design a personalized annual plan to heighten your visibility on LinkedIn and increase your business opportunities.

The plan has five main steps:

Using social selling, and with the help of our consultants, you can achieve 45% more opportunities than with traditional sales techniques.

LinkedIn Consultants and Your V3 Digital Experience

Change the way you sell; use modern and relationship-based techniques to create a lasting impact on your business. V3 Digital offers its clients the strength of social selling using LinkedIn as a platform for boosting sales. Working with the expert LinkedIn consultants at V3 Digital will:

  • Help you develop your digital business using our expertise and tried and tested methods;
  • Guide you toward the best sales practices;
  • Polish your professional image through content sharing;
  • Increase your sales and builds your sales pipeline;
  • Save you time, which our team optimizes with the help of technology;
  • Save you money, since our fees add up to less than the cost of an employee’s work or a marketing campaign.

Schedule a meeting with our LinkedIn consultants and boost your company’s sales! Contact us today!