Growing Your Business with LinkedIn: Your Personal Goldmine


Are you an SMB executive or a business developer looking for new digital tools to boost your B2B connections? Look no further: business development on LinkedIn is THE social selling solution for professionals who want to add to their list of qualified prospects.

To help increase sales, LinkedIn provides the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which facilitates communication between B2B players. This tool is a goldmine for business development on LinkedIn. So use it! And use it wisely!

Growing Your Business on LinkedIn: Qualitative Prospecting

If you use LinkedIn as a business tool, you’re already well on your way to becoming an all-star on LinkedIn and achieving your B2B sales goals. But with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a powerful tool that facilitates the process of prospecting clients, you will be able to increase business opportunities thanks to:

  • Prospect recommendations according to your preferences (geographical area, industry, job title and function, etc.);
  • Multiple lists of prospects — focus on the best prospects for your business;
  • Segmentation within your own network or across LinkedIn, which allows you to find current or potential clients, partners, competitors, etc.
  • CRM integration (including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce);

Business development on LinkedIn with the Sales Navigator makes it possible to better target your prospects, which will save you considerable time when prospecting.

Business Growth on LinkedIn: Prospects Within Reach

The Sales Navigator makes prospecting easier, but business growth through LinkedIn doesn’t stop there. After segmenting your prospects and creating prospect lists, you have the opportunity to easily maintain lasting and personalized connections with them.

Today, relationship marketing enhances B2B relationships, so using the Sales Navigator on a regular basis puts more than one string on your bow, which is a huge benefit to your business growth on LinkedIn. The Sales Navigator allows you to:

  • View the LinkedIn profiles of all of your prospects, including their business information;
  • Know exactly who has visited your profile;
  • Stay up to date on your prospects’ activity (competitive monitoring/competitive intelligence);
  • Communicate with your prospects in a personalized way, without exceeding your InMail quota;
  • Harness the power of your entire network to find the best way to connect with a prospect using the TeamLink feature.

Take the time to add value to the connections you’ve built on LinkedIn; you will know it was worth the effort when you realize how much more effective your business growth on LinkedIn is.

V3 Digital: Your B2B Sales Boosters

Have you been unable to generate enough B2B sales with LinkedIn? Let V3 Digital help grow your business on LinkedIn.

Our goal is simple: help B2B companies achieve better business growth through LinkedIn. To accomplish it, we’ll tackle many aspects of your LinkedIn profile, including optimization.

By working with V3 Digital, you will gain:

  • Expertise and an effective method for improving your digital identity on LinkedIn;
  • Instructions for the best LinkedIn practices;
  • Time, by trusting us to manage your profile;
  • Your own personal branding, whether it’s for your own profile or those of your employees;
  • More money, thanks to lower costs!

So, why are you still waiting to expand your sales on LinkedIn? Take a look at our LinkedIn marketing solutions and contact V3 Digital today!

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