Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing: How to Create Lasting Connections


Do you know the magic word when it comes to successful B2B marketing?

Without a doubt, it’s “relationship”.

Relationship marketing is advantageous in business because a loyal client is much more profitable and engaged than an occasional client.

Loyal clients are precious to your business, and they can quickly become your main source of revenue. To best conduct your B2B relations, apply relationship marketing on LinkedIn. It will create added value in the eyes of your prospects and allow you to more quickly increase conversions.

V3 Digital will teach you all about relationship marketing and social selling on LinkedIn.

Relationship Marketing on LinkedIn: The Importance of Your B2B Connections

Over the past year, LinkedIn has proved its importance when it comes to lead generation and business growth on the B2B market. When you use relationship marketing techniques on LinkedIn with your prospects, you increase not only your chances of closing important sales, but also your chances of creating lasting connections.

Because 84% of vice presidents and executives use social media when making purchasing decisions, it’s very important to think about integrating these tools in your B2B approach.

The goal of relationship marketing on LinkedIn is to extend the life cycle of your prospects by strengthening your relationships with them. Make each of your clients feel valued by personalizing your sales messages and addressing them directly.

When you use LinkedIn as a relationship marketing tool, you enhance your expertise and your image, while making quick and effective contacts and generating more sales.

Social Selling: A Human Channel that Drives B2B Sales

Social selling is essentially relationship marketing using social media. It is a channel for increased sales that involves:

  • Monitoring and sharing content;
  • The process of finding leads;
  • Choosing B2B prospects;
  • Making contact;
  • Regular interactions between you and your connections;
  • Creating and maintaining lasting relationships.

The goal is rather simple: develop a daily, proactive social approach that aims to make more conversions. Social selling is no longer used solely for acquiring clients, but also for growing business opportunities and for creating meaningful partnerships with these clients.

To do so, SME managers and sales teams must optimize their LinkedIn profiles to make them more attractive and adapted to their sector. In addition, it’s important to always have a social approach: exchanging, sharing and commenting are good ways to nurture your relationship marketing strategy on LinkedIn. The platform also allows you to build relationships with the right people for your company, using specific targeting.

V3 Digital: Your Relationship Marketing Driver

Are you convinced of the power that social selling and relationship marketing on LinkedIn have to help you reach your sales objectives? Want to know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and prepare it to generate more sales?

V3 Digital can accompany your B2B business in achieving better performance through LinkedIn and help you become all-stars. You can count on us to deliver:

  • Expertise and tested methods that contribute to the development of your digital business opportunities;
  • Fruitful collaboration and guidance in social selling and relationship marketing on LinkedIn;
  • Time savings, when you rely on us to manage your digital tools on a daily basis;
  • Results, as you will generate more B2B sales;
  • Personal branding solutions, including how to project an expert image share high-quality content;

Contact us today to learn more about our LinkedIn marketing solutions and the countless advantages of relationship marketing with LinkedIn.