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LinkedIn: Your Business Opportunity Generator


In the age when B2B marketing mingles with relationship marketing, and sales techniques have evolved and become more modern and direct, social media has turned into a powerful marketing tool for better selling, especially for B2B businesses. This is what we now call social selling.

By becoming social selling experts, SME managers and business developers will arm themselves with a formidable weapon to sell better and sell more. As a result, LinkedIn business opportunities can develop quickly, generating B2B sales.

This is why V3 Digital wants to support you in boosting your company’s LinkedIn business opportunities.

Social Selling: Your Best B2B Sales Technique

You’ve probably noticed that your prospects have become more and more demanding. This demand is especially due to the advent of new technologies and an evolved purchasing process, which is becoming longer and more complex. Buyers want to compare, analyze and get recommendations from peers before making the decision to purchase. In fact, 55% of them do their research on social media before buying. In addition, older sales techniques are becoming outdated. Today, only 2% of cold calls result in a meeting.

So, how should you react to your prospects’ rejection of traditional sales techniques? The solution is simple: social selling. In fact, you are 4.2 times more likely to get a meeting with your prospects if you’ve already connected with them. Social selling also generates 45% more opportunities compared to traditional sales techniques.

This is the reason many companies use social selling to generate more business on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: Your Number One Business Partner

Social selling generates numerous business opportunities via LinkedIn. With several million subscribers, LinkedIn is a veritable goldmine for boosting your B2B sales. The power of LinkedIn lies in the fact that it promotes:

  • Simplified connection among professionals;
  • Relationships based on sharing and communication;
  • Displays of internal and personal expertise;
  • Precise market segmentation;
  • Access to specific information about your targets;
  • Shorter sales cycles, with direct contact with your prospects;
  • A social approach that increases LinkedIn business opportunities.

B2B professionals who use LinkedIn and social selling wisely have everything to gain. You will see your business opportunities from LinkedIn multiply before your very eyes.

V3 Digital: Your LinkedIn Expert

V3 Digital accompanies businesses by offering them a modern service that generates new business opportunities through LinkedIn and social selling. Our service mixes several ingredients to make a successful recipe: technology, strategy, human interaction, and sales techniques. V3 Digital implements LinkedIn marketing solutions based on five steps:

  • Strategy and segmentation;
  • Personal branding;
  • Broadening your audience;
  • Content sharing;
  • A conversion strategy for increasing your LinkedIn business opportunities.

So, what do you say? Want to boost your sales and business opportunities in collaboration with V3 Digital? Contact us today!


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