Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding: Your LinkedIn Business Page


Would you like to increase your business’s digital presence? Creating a LinkedIn business page adds value to your company and serves as corporate branding.

Corporate branding is the image that your business and its online activity projects, whereas personal branding represents you as an individual.

A LinkedIn Business Page: A Representation of Your Business.

In addition to contributing to your corporate branding, developing a LinkedIn business page has numerous other benefits. Most notably, it:

  • Increases your business’s notoriety, credibility, and positive reputation;
  • Serves as a communication tool to help convey high-quality information about your products or services;
  • Consolidates key information on your company for easy access by LinkedIn users;
  • Acts as a point of contact between your business, clients, and potential prospects;
  • Creates a digital space where your employees can connect.

Still, if you want to grow your business with LinkedIn, corporate branding alone won’t be enough to get the job done. In fact, LinkedIn business pages are less engaging and generate fewer business opportunities than personal profiles. You generally cannot create lasting connections or engage in social selling through a business page on LinkedIn. For this, you need to work on your personal branding.

Then Why Go for a LinkedIn Business Page Instead of a Personal Page?

A LinkedIn business page works as a showcase and a communication tool for your business — not a tool for increasing your sales. If your goal is to grow your business on LinkedIn, we suggest you work your personal branding along with your corporate branding.

By carefully developing your personal branding, you will:

  • Highlight your expertise for your network;
  • Reflect a positive image of yourself as a person and a professional;
  • Make higher quality and longer lasting connections;
  • Increase your business opportunities.

Your personal digital identity and your corporate branding are equally important, but on LinkedIn, personal branding takes precedence.

Work on Your Digital Identity with V3 Digital

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