Your LinkedIn Profile: A Source for Business Opportunities


Do you regularly spend time working on your LinkedIn profile, but still can’t manage to optimize it in a way that attracts prospects?

V3 Digital offers you its key advice for LinkedIn profile success. Take the time to respond to the questions below and learn what aspects of your profile are strong and what points you may need to improve on.

Evaluate the Power of Your LinkedIn Profile


6 Questions to Ask Yourself About the Strength of Your Profile


1. Does your SSI score put you in the top 1% of your sector?

This indicator allows you to observe your position in comparison with other professionals in the same sector. Find out your Social Selling Index today.

2. Does your LinkedIn title describe what you sell?

If you use words that go beyond just your duties (e.g. profit booster, opportunity developer, ROI enthusiast, etc.), your LinkedIn title describes what you sell. If you’ve just written what your current duty is (e.g. VP of marketing), you don’t describe what you sell.

3. Have you integrated keywords into your profile?

Good keywords describe the field in which your work in broad terms. Integrating keywords into your profile pushes you to the top of search results.

4. Do you regularly post on LinkedIn?

You should aim for 2 to 5 posts per week. If you post less than twice a week, think of ways to create more content that you can publish on a regular basis.

5. Is your current SSI score higher than 80/100?

Your SSI score is calculated from 4 categories worth 25 points apiece:

  • Building your professional brand;
  • Finding the right people;
  • Exchanging information;
  • Establishing connections.

Adding up your points in these categories gives you a score out of 100.

6. Do prospects make up at least 80% of your LinkedIn network?

Having many contacts in your network is of course a good thing, but if they aren’t your prospects, they aren’t helping you fulfill your growth objectives on LinkedIn. So, it’s important that your network be made up of professionals that are also future prospects.

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, you are already a social seller and are already generating lots of new business opportunities with LinkedIn. If you answered “no” to two or more questions, this means that you need to work on your LinkedIn presence so you can obtain the results you desire. Let V3 Digital help.

Work on Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you still have a way to go to obtain the LinkedIn profile you want and need? V3 Digital has designed LinkedIn marketing solutions to help B2B businesses better grow their business using LinkedIn.

Below is V3 Digital’s annual five-step plan:

  • Strategy and segmentation: for positioning your company, identifying your prospects, and implementing a LinkedIn digital strategy;
  • Personal branding: for demonstrating your expertise with your LinkedIn profile;
  • Increase your audience: for enhancing your LinkedIn network and the quality of your contacts;
  • Content sharing: for deploying a web content strategy and increasing your credibility and visibility on LinkedIn;
  • Conversion strategy: for generating new business opportunities through social selling.

Become a LinkedIn expert today when you contact V3 Digital to enhance your LinkedIn profile.