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Social Selling: The Art of the Sale


Is your LinkedIn business page ready? Is your LinkedIn profile optimized? Is your personal branding attractive? Are you ready to start increasing your B2B conversions from LinkedIn with correct prospecting practices? Social selling is about to become your best friend because it will convince your prospects to do business with you.

Relational marketing still reigns supreme, but social selling is a tool that has become more and more essential for generating B2B sales.

Learn how to use social selling to your advantage with V3 Digital!

Social Selling: A Crucial Tool for Building B2B Relationships

Social selling is a modern method for developing relationships with your clientele using social media. Social networks such as LinkedIn will become your playing field for targeting prospects.

Nowadays, business relations have evolved, and your clients are looking for more long-lasting and engaging relationships that are equally beneficial to them as they are to you. And social media has a big impact on purchasing decisions; 81% of B2B buyers consult social media before purchasing. Social selling allows you to:

  • Create modern, digital, and long-lasting relationships with your prospects;
  • Research specific information about your clientele;
  • Discuss, comment and share directly with your prospects;
  • Shorten your sales cycle by avoiding dead-end telephone calls and instead contacting prospects directly;
  • Have a social and proactive approach that you can practice daily;
  • Increase your business opportunities.

Social selling can become a massive B2B sales booster, if you use it correctly. V3 Digital offers a complete method for helping you reach your sales objectives. Consult our LinkedIn marketing solutions for more information.

Social Selling: Your Conversion Strategy

Social selling is one part of a larger conversion strategy that aims to reach your prospects directly and generate results. V3 Digital’s strategy involves:

  • Meeting to discuss strategy;
  • Creating a conversion strategy;
  • Targeting prospects;
  • Developing your message;
  • Sending 1,000 conversion messages (over a period of 4 weeks and including adjustments based on results);
  • Analyzing the results.

Social selling is a key step in a business’s conversion strategy. It generates real results and demonstrates the effects of optimization of your LinkedIn profile. Your social sales add value to your business, since clients obtained this way tend to stick around longer and call on you more often.

V3 Digital: Your Social Seller

Do you want to be able to use social selling like an expert? Do you want to take advantage of LinkedIn to increase your B2B sales? Let V3 Digital become your social seller! We help B2B businesses achieve better business growth with LinkedIn. When you work with us, you get:

  • Expertise and methods that boost sales;
  • A partnership that guides you on the best LinkedIn practices to adopt;
  • Time savings when you let us manage tasks on your behalf;
  • Results in the form of new business opportunities;
  • Cost savings when you let us manage your strategy rather than relying on employees or marketing campaigns.

Are you ready to master the art of social selling? Contact V3 Digital today!