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V3 Digital’s LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Your Sales Boosters


Have you noticed that cold calls are no longer leading to sales, or that the effectiveness of your emails has diminished? When B2B buyers are your target audience, LinkedIn is a goldmine just waiting to be exploited.

Traditional sales techniques are becoming less and less successful, while modern techniques facilitate the sales cycle by rapidly reaching your prospects. Social selling is the regular and strategic use of social media to sell more. And it works! By using social selling to your advantage, you can easily boost your B2B sales.

How, you ask? V3 Digital offers LinkedIn marketing solutions that help companies optimally grow their business using LinkedIn. V3 Digital has designed the annual five-step plan described below with your needs in mind.

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Do you want to turn your LinkedIn profile into a source of business opportunities?



Build your professional image with LinkedIn and watch your business opportunities grow.



Improve your company’s image by creating a LinkedIn business page and developing your brand.


Building a

Develop your online presence and increase your contact pool with V3 Digital.



Become a renowned expert on LinkedIn and increase your business opportunities.



Boost your LinkedIn-generated sales by applying the art of social selling.

1. Strategy and Targeting, Pillars of B2B Marketing

To begin social selling, you need to start off on the right foot by creating your LinkedIn digital strategy. To do so, the first step V3 Digital suggests is to position your company, identify your target, and select a relevant strategy to open exchanges with other entrepreneurs. This includes:

  • A strategy meeting;
  • An analysis of your target markets and opportunities;
  • Positioning your business and its solutions/products;
  • Developing a strategy for growth;
  • Selecting the best keywords;
  • Segmenting your prospects.

This first step of your LinkedIn marketing solution begins during the first week of our collaboration.

2. Personal Branding: Your Professional Image

Personal branding is your digital business card that represents you as a professional. V3 Digital crafts an excellent profile adapted to what your targets are looking for. This includes:

  • An analysis of the most relevant keywords for your profile;
  • An analysis of your current LinkedIn profile;
  • Strategic recommendations;
  • Creating text for your profile and title, in as many languages as desired, with suitable cultural adaptation;
  • Improving the visual presentation of your profile.

This second step of your LinkedIn marketing solution happens in the first two weeks of our collaboration.

3. Increase Your Audience, Your Prospect Network

Your LinkedIn network is your source of potential clients, which you need to nurture. V3 Digital is committed to growing your network of contacts and does so strategically. This step involves:

  • Targeting prospect groups;
  • Researching and creating target lists;
  • Creating your invitation message;
  • Sending contact requests to your targets (200 per week) with the personalized invitation message.

This third step of your LinkedIn marketing solution takes places over a span of six months.

4. Sharing Content: Your Expertise

Your LinkedIn web content strategy highlights your expertise to the numerous professionals who use the platform. In order to generate new opportunities and position your company as an expert in the field, V3 Digital takes care of:

  • A content strategy;
  • Looking up articles your audience will find interesting;
  • Designing a content schedule for each quarter;
  • Sharing an article every day;
  • Developing your credibility and visibility on LinkedIn.

This fourth step of your LinkedIn marketing solution starts in the fourth month and takes place over a nine-month period.

5. Conversion Strategy: Your Triumph

Social selling is what creates new business opportunities. In order to directly contact your prospects and record conversions, V3 Digital works on:

  • A strategy meeting;
  • Creating your conversion strategy;
  • Targeting potential clients;
  • Creating and sending 1,000 conversion messages (spread out over a four-week period);
  • Observing the results.

This final step of your LinkedIn marketing solution is also the most strategic one. Let us wow you with the amount of sales you’ll generate with LinkedIn.

Are you ready to embark on the great adventure that is LinkedIn and boost your business opportunities? Then contact V3 Digital today about our LinkedIn marketing solutions!