B2B Sales

LinkedIn: Your B2B Sales Force


In the age of digitalization and B2B marketing, B2B sales have evolved to include many new sales techniques. And customers have become more and more demanding and informed. Since they are so knowledgeable, they refuse to be manipulated by aggressive marketing that doesn’t offer any real value.

So, how can you make yourself stand out and increase your B2B sales? Social selling could very well be your best bet.

Social networks are seriously powerful persuasion tools that allow you to add value that may be difficult to offer otherwise. By creating a close relationship with potential clients, you develop their trust as well as a better understanding of their priorities.

Develop your B2B sales force and grow your business with V3 Digital and its LinkedIn marketing solutions.

A B2B Sale: Direct Contact

Traditional sales techniques are becoming less and less effective. The evidence? Of the numerous phone calls you make to prospective clients, only 2% result in a meeting. Needless to say, your chances of B2B sales are pretty slim when you go this route.

Social selling increases your online presence, specifically on LinkedIn, so you can get in touch with good prospects using a modern sales technique. LinkedIn connects you to your targets simply and directly. When you are aware of the power of recommendations and their impact on purchasing decisions, you know that it is crucial to use social selling to grow your network and promote professional connections and therefore sell your products or services to a business’s key decision makers.

This saves you time and earns better results for your B2B sales.

A B2B Sale: Human Contact

In order to increase B2B sales on LinkedIn, consider making connections before trying to sell your products or services. Thanks to LinkedIn and the wealth of information it offers, you can become aware of the hidden needs of your target audience and adapt your sales message accordingly.

By creating long-lasting connections with your prospects based on sharing and discussion, you create added value and gain a certain competitive advantage. Using social selling allows you to demonstrate your personal and business expertise, all while accelerating contact with your prospects and generating more B2B sales.

V3 Digital: Your B2B Sales Drivers

SME managers and business developers who properly use LinkedIn to develop their professional relationships and prospect for higher B2B sales will save precious time with social selling.

If you want to use your LinkedIn profile to your advantage, V3 Digital offers effective LinkedIn marketing solutions.

Our goal is simple: help B2B companies better grow their business using their LinkedIn presence. When you begin a partnership with our team, we guarantee:

  • The expertise and methods needed to boost your B2B sale;
  • Collaboration to guide you on the best practices in social selling;
  • Time savings, because we will free you from numerous tasks;
  • Results in the form of increased business opportunities;
  • Personal branding that highlights your expertise on LinkedIn;
  • Cost efficiency.

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