When B2B marketing strategies meet Social Selling

Get qualified leads on LinkedIn by learning and optimizing your B2B sales approach. Use social networks to increase your brand awareness in an effective and concise manner.

Boost your sales with V3 Stent

V3 Digital combines technology and marketing strategies to help B2B companies optimize their business development using LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Stent.io technologies, and other social media platforms.

We use digital technologies with artificial intelligence to connect you with key contributors in your business-to-business canvassing, resulting in numerous sales and collaboration opportunities. 

We also offer consulting services for SEO optimization of your website, which can be accompanied by paid search engine optimization strategies.

Our creative and marketing strategy team can also support you in the implementation and execution of content marketing campaigns, be it organic or paid.  

Then, depending on your organizational needs, our V3 Academy training team gives you access to the knowledge you need to get the most out of LinkedIn and other social media features.

B2B Social Selling

Use Social Selling to boost your sales.

Content Strategy on Social Networks

Content strategies on social networks to better manage your e-reputation.

Online Social Media Training

Coaching and training to hone and develop key skills in the use of technology adapted to your type of business strategy and objectives.

SEM Campaigns for B2B companies

Digital advertising campaigns (SEA) to achieve your business objectives, optimizing natural referencing of your website, and improving your search engine positioning (SEO).

Social Selling in B2B at the heart of our expertise

With traditional sales practices in constant evolution, old techniques are now becoming obsolete and ineffective. The response rate of cold calls is less than 2.5% and the average opening rate of sales email is 20%.

That’s why Social Selling is being used by companies of all sizes to generate sales, opportunities, and build long-lasting business relationships.

At V3 Digital, we offer our clients the power of Social Selling by using LinkedIn and Stent as a platform to drive their sales and build awareness to reach other professionals, consumers, employees, and future employees.

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