10 Tips on How to Better Use LinkedIn

By Fusée Nai23 July 2020Social Selling

Planning to maximize your business opportunities on LinkedIn? Become a Social Selling expert in your B2B business with these 10 tips to better use LinkedIn.


How do I use LinkedIn to benefit from all its advantages?


By embracing the best practices of a Social Seller! In 2011, nearly 83% of Fortune 500 companies, a list of the United States’ largest companies, were committed to using social media in order to communicate with their customers or consumers.

Take advantage of LinkedIn to optimize your Social Selling skills, which will allow you to build a list of prospects, develop lasting relationships effectively and increase your business opportunities.


Our 10 essential tips for LinkedIn 


  • Tip 1: Establish or build a coherent and authentic image

On LinkedIn, your brand image is the driving force behind your visibility and recognition. As important as it is, your team’s personal branding and that of your ambassadors also add great value to your company’s image.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not your corporate page that will have the biggest impact on your prospecting goals. 

  • Tip 2: Optimize your profile on LinkedIn

Optimizing your profile enables you to integrate relevant and strategic keywords that highlight your company, your function in the organization, and your posts. Don’t wait to stand out, do it now!

  • Tip 3: Expand your LinkedIn network

Looking for quantity or quality? Why not have both! When the work may seem strenuous, thankfully there are digital tools that can help you get the job done. Sales Navigator should be your first stop! Having a LinkedIn premium account means you can enjoy its interesting targeting options, and if you take the time to study its parameters, you can get useful and relevant information. Afterward, all you have to do is send out invitations  … while being courteous and polite, of course! Don’t forget to finish them off with a customized message!

Moreover, you’ll find that as you’re sending it out daily invitations to people, they will be inclined to “return the favor.” In fact, accepting invitations puts you first among LinkedIn’s recommendation list of people who will not hesitate to invite you!  

  • Tip 4: Publish relevant content on a regular basic

To generate interest and drive traffic to your network or organization, we advise you to plan a content strategy. In fact, we recommend you post twice a week and at appropriate times. The goal is to publish relevant information related to your business sector, expertise and professional advice.

Although LinkedIn favors formal interactions, many users choose to be humorous and intimate, which can also be interesting, depending on your audience and personality. 

  • Tip 5: Interact with your audience

With LinkedIn, you have the privilege of knowing your audience because you invited them. It’s not like subscribing to company pages, or social networks like Instagram. Interacting with your audience should be fluid and organic because these people have already agreed to connect with you. Using all the information you need to properly adapt your approach, whether in your publications or in your private messages, you’ll be right on track to developing meaningful relationships with other professionals around the world. 

  • Tip 6: Use LinkedIn a few minutes a day

Be proactive! Daily use of your LinkedIn profile, whether it’s sharing, commenting, or talking to your customers, will help you achieve your professional goals. Be on the winning side of LinkedIn’s algorithm, which favors its most consistent users!  

In terms of follow-ups, your quick and timely replies are qualities that will highlight your professionalism and contribute to building long-lasting relationships with your audience.

  • Tip 7: Stay on top of the latest news

This is a two-way street. As much as we need to be knowledgeable and talk about current affairs in our publications to add value and stimulate conversation to grow our network, we can also learn a lot from our own posts. Sharing content found on LinkedIn is also a way to show your awareness about realities other than your own, although posting original content is the backbone of an excellent organic reach.

  • Tip 8: Embrace Social Selling culture

Beyond your goals and ambitions, exists a sense of togetherness and connectedness. Social Selling is a concept that values and prioritizes the human bonding experience. When connecting with other people on LinkedIn, keep in mind that the most important thing is the quality of the interaction. The rest is a plus and happens naturally, trust our advice.  

  • Tip 9: Explore LinkedIn’s new features

LinkedIn is constantly evolving. From one week to another, new features become available and are added to the tools you know and use. It should be noted that updates are not always done uniformly on the platform, so it is best to be patient or ask customer service to access them!

  • Tip 10: Think long term

Good digital prospecting requires patience. Think of it as when you do it in person. You don’t immediately start by selling your product to a prospect. Instead, you would start by introducing yourself and having a casual discussion. When we feel ready and confident that the conversation is flowing, we can get to the ins and outs of our offer.

Think long term! You never know if this person might need you down the line!  

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