About Us

V3 Digital: A company working towards your business development


Who are we?

V3 Digital has built its reputation on its strong expertise in Social Selling on LinkedIn by helping its clients achieve their business objectives. Over the years, our internal consultants have developed a range of digital skills. Our growth has prompted us to expand our services to better meet the global needs of digital prospecting. 

We support and train companies of all sizes to harness the power of digital, social networks, the web, and online advertising. Our notorious presence in the e-marketing world allows us to meet your needs in terms of prospecting and developing the loyalty of key players in your field.

What is Social Selling?

“Social Selling is Social Selling”… Well, not exactly! Beyond a sales technique, it is a philosophy that aims to humanize business networking. Mostly applied on LinkedIn or Twitter, Social Selling is an excellent opportunity to build meaningful business relationships, in a short period of time. Our unique methodology and numerical tools have brought positive and substantial results to our clients.

Moreover, thanks to our expertise, we have an exemplary satisfaction rate, which continues to grow. Whether it be for Desjardins, Bell Media, Fibrenoire, C2, WeWork, BLVD, or other satisfied clients, our attention to detail allows us to fulfill our mandate strategically and efficiently. 

We are always pleased to build lasting relationships and trust with our clients and we are committed to providing them with outstanding service. Choose V3 Digital to reap the benefits of digital technology in its entirety.

Up to 45% more opportunities!

 An effective strategy planned out by our expert LinkedIn consultants greatly increases the opportunities compared to traditional sales techniques! 

The V3 Digital team designs a customized plan for you and your business. We grow your network, increase its visibility, and help engage you in conversations with qualified leads on LinkedIn. Giving you the opportunity to benefit Stent’s artificial intelligence, we allow to maximize Sales Navigator and Recruitment. In addition, the quality of the messages written by our editorial team will allow you to get in touch with your clients or your audience in a personalized way while multiplying your business opportunities!

Our  approach is divided into five steps:

  • Conduct a strategic orientation to define your current digital positioning and business objectives;
  • Build your personal branding on LinkedIn in order to highlight your expertise and better position it in the search algorithm;
  • Increase your LinkedIn network in an engaging, precise and targeted way;
  • Implement a content strategy based on the audience created;
  • Carry out a conversion strategy with your own network, built in the first phase of propulsion.

Propel your business with V3 Digital

At V3 Digital, we also help companies develop their communication strategy on other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. We also create and optimize advertising campaigns based on your needs and budget. Our business ecosystem allows us to be at the forefront of SEM best practices in order to obtain an optimal return on investment.

Our diversification is essential to today’s reality. 

Our web and SEO standards experts can take your approach a step further by offering a service to design or improve your website which will be prioritized on search engines. 

In addition, our team of editors and consultants offers an effective content strategy to publish regularly on different communication channels. 

Collaborating with the V3 Digital team is :

  • Know the best sales practices in B2B;
  • Create a professional image online and promote your expertise;
  • Develop your sales and diversify your sales channel;
  • Save time thanks to our expertise and technological tools; 
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team that knows the best Social Selling practices, SEO, SEM, content marketing, persuasive writing, and websites.
  • We invite you to make an appointment with our team. V3 Digital is here to help you boost your sales! Take the first step, we’ll take care of the rest!