Aon, a success story thanks to Social Selling in B2B



What we did
Social Selling on LinkedIn

Aon has significantly increased its sales performance thanks to our social selling strategy. Executives have been looking to maximize their opportunities by opening up new avenues of opportunity. Thanks to our expertise, they were able to obtain qualified leads who were interested in their services.

Social Selling: Aon’s campaign significant results

For six months, our teams implemented a social selling strategy to support Aon in achieving their goals. Prior to that, the company had invested a huge amount of money in relationship selling, and had not achieved the expected results. 

The purpose of this mandate was to help two members on the executive board, whom we here call Hervé* and Bastien*.

We supported them in the planning, organisation and implementation of their social selling strategy. Thanks to this, they came into contact with the right people at the right time.

At the end of the mandate, the company observed an increase in its B2B sales of approximately $100,000. A projection of an additional $100,000 in sales opportunities was also generated, which surpassed pre-established expectations.

What are the keys to Aon’s success in their Social Selling strategy?

Phase 1: Meticulous targeting

Our team of consultants first identified Aon’s market during a strategic orientation. This is how we defined all types of decision-makers who represent the company’s target clientele. To achieve this, we used our years of expertise in acquiring leads on LinkedIn through Social Selling, as well as our in-depth knowledge of marketing management.

Phase 2: Building their Social Selling Brand Image

Brand image can be worked on in several ways. We initially identified the keywords to put forward which would adequately correspond to their industry. We worked with them to optimize their abstract and professional title on LinkedIn. This was done to better position them at the level of the search algorithm on the platform. For aesthetic purposes, we organized a photo shoot with a professional and created a banner which would be unique to their business. Finally, we made a list of recommendations for improving the other sections of their LinkedIn profile. 

Phase 3: Aon's propulsion

It was here that the two members of the executive team at Aon were able to see the scope and  the effectiveness of Social Selling. We helped them grow their network of contacts and build their sales pipeline. We then set up a conversion strategy, consisting of following up with the previously built network. Customized writing for each type of individual was thoroughly considered and written by our team at each level of these stages. Throughout the process, we measured effectiveness through key performance indicators. 

Phase 4: Coaching by our experts

In parallel with Phase 3, our strategy and relationship marketing experts helped the 2 Aon executives resolve difficulties within their business process, related to their sales cycle. They had the opportunity to have a personalized training according to their needs. It helped them understand the difference between LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, how to interact on LinkedIn, and how to incorporate social selling strategy into their current sales methods. They also had time to learn more about the content strategy to be used on the platform, while knowing which indicators had to be taken into account to adequately assess their performance.