Content Strategy on Social Networks

Have you noticed the impact that content publication has on your audience? Start building a good content marketing strategy now!

In digital marketing, it is often said that your content is your best friend. Prospecting future customers or building loyalty among existing customers requires content that is engaging and easy to consume. To stand out from the crowd, B2B, like B2C, requires high value-added content that brings together all your interests.

Increase your visibility and increase your brand awareness via LinkedIn and Facebook by applying a content strategy that is adapted to your audience and business objectives.

Developing a content strategy on social media


In an age where social media has become a home for some, others have made it a tool to showcase their expertise. This is an excellent way to manage your e-reputation while identifying your objectives and your audience. Your content must appeal to your audience, hence the importance of establishing your persona by regularly measuring the organic reach of your publications. 

At V3 Digital, we don’t just create content, we create value. Wish to achieve the same? With a well-developed content strategy in place, you’ll have the opportunity to take your business to the next level and publish valuable and insightful content!

A content strategy adapted to your objectives and your audience


It is said that LinkedIn is a platform-specific to B2B while Facebook and Instagram are more oriented towards B2C. There’s some truth to that!

Your audience, whether it be made up of professionals or individuals, is essentially a consumer of both visual and textual information. While the thought process of a person doing business with you is worth mentioning, it takes a matter of seconds for them to formulate an opinion about your company. 

As a result, we advise you to showcase your expertise on the most important platforms (website, LinkedIn, Facebook). 

However, you will have to prioritize how you communicate on these platforms, depending on the model of your business relationships (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, C2B). This will allow you strengthen your brand image and reach your target audience.

Content Creation VS Content Curation

V3 Stent: Compelling content on social networks 


To benefit from the advantages of a content strategy, trust our writing team to post captivating, thought-provoking articles, and posts.

We are committed to helping you generate new business opportunities while helping you gain the status of an influencer in your community through :

  • A strategic and planned overview of your audience and objectives;
  • The creation of an quarterly editorial calendar;
  • A thorough search of relevant articles and matters to share;
  • Strategic monitoring of performances based on the objectives set. 

Advertising: improve your social media marketing campaign


Social network advertising can often be combined with content strategy to increase the impact and reach of your message intended to raise awareness among your target audience.

V3 Digital also offers its services in the creation and management of paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  

  • A qualified team that takes care of your campaigns offers several advantages
  • Customized design and written advertising messages;
  • The configuration of parameters on different platforms in order to reach the right people;
  • A follow-up of your campaigns and an optimized costs per click strategy in order to respect your advertising budget; 
  • Analysis of results and recommendations for retargeting for your next campaign.

We encourage you to take a few moments to meet with us in a meeting where we can discuss your social network content strategy.