V3 Digital

Meet our team!

Alexandre Bouchard

Founder & CEO

Alexandre is a perfect example of an entrepreneur who has combined family life with entrepreneurship.

Trailblazer in the Social Selling model on LinkedIn, Alex has been dedicated to fine-tuning his approach for more than seven years. While his ability to build meaningful relationships with his clients has always been proof of his strong people skills, Alex also offers his expertise in B2B digital strategy across North America and Europe.

During his career at Apple, he found out his purpose was to innovate and create.

This is why V3 Digital’s mission is to help both local and companies abroad reach their full potential through various strategies, where Social Selling and optimizing LinkedIn, the world’s richest professional database, are most important.


Louis-Vincent Ledoux

Chief Operating Officer & Partner

Louis-Vincent was the first person to join Alex in forming today’s experienced and ever-growing V3 Digital team. Analytical and pragmatic, he is adept at solving complex problems.

As COO, Louis-Vincent’s priority is customer satisfaction. His talent for optimizing business processes gives our clients the reliability and efficiency they need. Objective and result-oriented, Louis-Vincent’s versatility enables his team to support clients in implementing and executing well-structured digital marketing strategies.

Insightful and genuine, LV inspires his peers effortlessly. Not only is he conscientious, but he also has a charming personality, with a lot of fun sides!


Sarah Limoges

Marketing Vice-President and Digital Strategist

Sarah can be seen as the company’s lifeline. As a proactive and engaging marketing strategist, she instills a sense of security and trust in our clients with her ability to deliver sound Social Selling practices.

Committed to operational excellence, Sarah’s expertise in brand image and consumer behavior is a great asset to the V3 Digital team. While completing of her master’s thesis in marketing management is worth mentioning, she remains determined to help companies grow their network and increase their brand awareness.

You only have to meet Sarah once to thrive off her professionalism, and understand that you’ll be in good hands!


David Cantin

Dean of V3 Academy

David, co-founder and dean of V3 Academy, is at the forefront our training academy, which allows clients to develop their full potential in B2B sales and operations.

Enthusiast, funny and has a knack for saying the right things, David is a master of strategic planning as he's constantly looking for new ways to grow your professional network.

David's priority is to build strong relationships with clients and most importantly, to make them smile! As a former special education teacher, and many years of experience in continuing education, he takes pride in guiding V3 Digital's customers one giant step further into the era of Social Selling.

Highly appreciated for his outspokenness, David must absolutely be on your list of people to meet!


Hélène Huynh

Digital Marketing Project Manager

Helene, our web ``guru,” is a must-have on any team. Her expertise of the web and digital strategy development makes her a valuable addition to the V3 digital family. She's a passionate leader, highly experienced in optimizing SEO/SEM practices, social networking platforms, and website traffic analysis.

With her beautiful, colorful personality and relentless work ethic, Helene brings the company's brand to the forefront. Her humor and humility are very much appreciated by her clients and co-workers.

Responsible and a skilled multi-tasker, Helene is known for being articulate and breaking down complex terms to clients while showing great composure and kindness.


Julien St-Louis

Director of Operations & Marketing

Julien is curious, humble, and reliable. He is a great example of an efficient person.

A master's candidate in e-commerce, Julien applies the most suitable methods that reflect the realities of market globalization. His areas of expertise are web transformation, digital technology and web analysis, which are all part of a growing marketing ecosystem.

Julien offers an accurate and strategic approach to business development, helping our clients develop different facets of their online presence, especially in SEO and SEM branding.

Calm and thoughtful, Julien is a key piece to the development, growth and diversification of our digital marketing services.


Marion Munos

Editorial Strategy Leader

As a copywriter, communications strategist and linguistic specialist, Marion is more than a nimble mind. Being V3’s eagle eye, she’s a critical thinker who’s dedicated to the beauty of language.

Benefiting from her eclectic career path and varied experiences, she’s had the opportunity to manage many wide-ranging projects that each served a meaningful purpose. Versatile and driven, Marion is focused on you.

Her favourite part of the job? Discovering the inner treasures in the people she meets. From improving customer relations to establishing editorial strategies to building a communications plan, Marion nails her clients’ voice and pencils V3 Stent values with precision and diligence.


Fusée Nai

Content Designer

An all-around creative with a background in science, journalism, business and ecology, Fusee has long been the source of many myths and legends. For a long time, he even whispered to himself that he was extraterrestrial. Today, he uses his out-of-the-box thinking to nurture creative synergies within V3 and propel companies with new digital pathways.

As a skilled writer, podcaster and video director, this magician uses his ability to create unpredictable links that foster content design, a perfect blend of communication and marketing, allowing companies to grow and radiate their values in an elegant way.

For Fusée, it’s quite simple. Success stems from authenticity.
PS: And yes, that's his name.


Louis-Philippe Dalpé

Account Manager & Director Esports, Sports and Events

Account manager for our B2B LinkedIn prospecting mandates, Louis Philippe not only holds a master's degree in marketing management, but has demonstrated strong talent for strategic analysis and sheer excellence in implementing campaigns for our clients.

Known for his attention to detail and his competitive spirit, Louis-Philippe received stellar reviews from clients, who were satisfied with his sharp management of marketing campaigns, which optimized their return on investment (ROI).

As an avid sportsman, he has accomplished a lot for our team and has ``the client tattooed on his heart``. His professionalism explains why he is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, an indispensable asset in managing our mandates with great efficiency and reliability.


Olivier Côté

Director of Business Development

Olivier knows this best: empathetic, friendly, with strong human values and a sense of responsibility that is deeply rooted in him, his team spirit makes him a valued colleague!

His experience in sales and marketing communication allows him to bridge the gap between a good salesperson and an effective propulsion.

But in the end, what we remember is his desire to help. Olivier will not sell you a dream, he helps define yours and makes it come true.

He's not only reassuring but also strives to help his clients reach new horizons.


Alexis Jacques-De Vries

Coordinator Marketing - Sports, Events & Esports

Alexis has been working at V3 Digital since September 2020. Resourceful, with a background in sports marketing and management, he applies his knowledge strategically and efficiently. Alexis oversees the Sports, Events and Esports division.

Among his responsibilities–Data analysis, research, marketing strategy and sales––Alexis prioritizes creativity, as he strives to bring new ideas to the table.

Optimistic he is fully dedicated to the new challenges that await him. He embraces change and is committed to making an impact in the field.

For Alexis, the sky's the limit.