Online Social Media Training

Finding the right contact at the right time can be challenging. With digital training, we help develop your online skills, while keeping you on track with technological advancements.

Along with the V3 Academy, V3 Digital offers training on social media, more specifically, LinkedIn. 

David, our dean, and trainer of V3 Academy, has trained nearly 200 managers, entrepreneurs, and executives in their business development. He has done LinkedIn training in Montreal and Quebec City for more than 50 companies. David uses videoconferences and didactic material to teach his clients how to use LinkedIn.

V3 Academy: develop your business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s business development training is tailored to the client’s expertise level. It is focused on the development of technical skills that optimize use of the platform, through the art of Social Selling. By respecting the “etiquette” of the social network, you will finish this course having acquired all the good practices of communication and prospect acquisition needed to successfully communicate on LinkedIn.

Social Selling training: sharpen your knowledge

If you understand the technical skills to perform on LinkedIn, and you would like to use them for your business development strategies, this training is for you. Understanding the basics of social selling and putting it into practice will be rewarding for the company and all its employees. Not only will sales increase but you’ll also maintain regular exchanges with your targeted audience. It’s a perfect way to stay ahead of the game!

V3 Academy, online LinkedIn training

We are fortunate to have one of the industry’s leading Social Selling experts on our team. Here’s what you can learn from him:

  • Build, grow and strengthen your network; 
  • Increase visibility with posts;
  • Understand Sales Navigator for efficient B2B customer acquisition.
  • Know how to use all communication tools, including video messaging, to increase the reach of your message.

Push your limits and become an expert on Linkedin

For our more experience LinkedIn customers, we offer an advanced training that can take them to the next level. 

Following this training, they will be able to test and understand how to use the algorithm to their advantage. This applies to your profile, company, and publication needs.

In addition to learning the basics of mass targeting, you will also learn how to create priority prospect lists, also known as “cherry-picking“. 

Further information

V3 Digital also offers training on the use of social media, marketing, and analytical tools.

Our additional training courses are :

  • Managing social networks.
  • Use of Facebook in content marketing.
  • Understanding Google Analytics for website optimization.
  • Understanding Facebook Ads to optimize its visibility.
  • Understanding LinkedIn Ads to optimize your content visibility.
  • Social media communication strategy.
  • Learning how to set up a B2B sales process on social platforms. 
  • Learning how to set up a cost-effective recruitment process on LinkedIn.

Wish to develop your skills and take a training course?

Please take a moment to contact us and let us know your training needs. The expertise we bring is an excellent way to develop a competitive advantage, and this, independently!

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