Social Selling: A Human and Rewarding Approach on LinkedIn

In B2B affairs, the importance of relationship marketing cannot be overlooked. Don’t you find that the results expected from traditional sales methods are declining? This is a great time to take advantage of a Social Selling strategy on LinkedIn. 

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The more competitive the market is, the more instantaneity becomes essential. Therefore, it is necessary to master the use of micro-moments. They are precise instances in the buyer’s decision-making process, where there’s a need to fill. This is where Social Selling comes in. The V3 Digital team prioritizes the importance of building, and above all, maintaining relationships through conversation and content publishing.

To ensure efficiency, it is recommended to network with professionals who have already heard of us. This allows a common experience and interaction to be shared, with solutions and a sense of affinity. 

Social Selling puts aside the very procedural and impersonal interactions usually seen in cold calls and emails and promotes a privileged interaction between two parties. Beyond a sales technique, Social Selling is a new beginning; it puts people back at the center of all B2B interactions

With this marketing strategy, V3 Digital will help you achieve your current and projected B2B sales objectives while building a strong and resourceful network.

LinkedIn: a social media that generates opportunities 

Having the right positioning on LinkedIn offers strong persuasive power and value that is difficult to match, as a company that prioritizes Social Selling. By creating a close relationship with your potential customers, you will establish trust, allowing you to genuinely discuss projects on which you wish to collaborate. LinkedIn allows you to build lasting relationships that are fuelled by exchanging, sharing, and discussing ideas.

With corporate LinkedIn communications losing value, your personality and quality interactions with your network will be at the forefront, embracing the trust and confidence in your business solutions.

Why invest in Social Selling?

Define your business objectives on LinkedIn

The V3 Stent team finds fulfillment in supporting its clients in the development and implementation of their business objectives. Whether it’s to increase your sales, find qualified prospects, hire new talent, or increase your brand awareness among over 675 million users, our expertise will complement yours to contribute to your success. 

V3 Stent Your B2B sales accelerator

Business leaders and or business development managers who make good use of LinkedIn by establishing healthy business relationships know the effectiveness of Social Selling. They also know how long it can take to build and motivate such a network. At V3 Stent, we help you achieve your business objectives by propelling this process, in record time. 

Our mission is simple: to help B2B companies improve their business development by optimizing your social networking while interacting with the right people. 

Our team guarantees: 

  • Expertise and a methodical approach to propel your sales;
  • Good practices of Social Selling;
  • Time saving in the operationalization of the campaigns;
  • Positive results through growth of your business opportunities;
  • Customized branding, promotion of your positioning in the search engines, and highlighting of your expertise and/or professional personality on LinkedIn;
  • An excellent return on investment commensurate with the immediate impact of the campaigns, because you own your network, and will continue to do so at the end of the mandate.

Build your audience on LinkedIn

Take a few moments to contact us and tell us all about your B2B development needs. With our expertise, you’ll elevate your business to the next level and develop your competitive advantage all by yourself!