STENT: Technology specific to Social Selling

By using Stent technologies and V3 Digital’s Social Selling approach, we have positioned ourselves as a world leader in B2B digital prospecting strategies.

Stent is a digital platform that was developed to meet the need for business canvassing on LinkedIn. This technology, available in mobile application and in the web version, includes several functionalities that are essential to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. It can meet a variety of needs, including recruitment, finding qualified leads, establishing an audience and a business network relevant to your objectives, as well as a content strategy.

The mobile application offers the user a profile audit according to settings relevant to his business intelligence. It also includes an overview of the network he is building and allows him to see and manage the invitations and messages he will send the next day and the day after. It also gives him the opportunity to hold conversations between the various ambassadors assigned to the project.

On the administrator side, the Web version of Stent is where V3 Digital’s strategic director is able to perform all campaign configurations, both in terms of prospecting and content strategy. It can track customer journeys, sales funnels of ambassadors, and check the success of campaigns in real-time

The artificial intelligence developed by Stent is also able to provide a multitude of other data not available from LinkedIn, and relevant to your segmentation and strategies. 

STENT & Propulsion at V3 Stent: keys to progress!

Our Social Selling approach is based on a personalized exchange. Timing is everything in business. This approach allows clients to build an audience that is receptive to publications while finding the perfect moment to capitalize on a business opportunity. 

Your company’s reputation on LinkedIn is closely linked to your reputation as a professional; you can manage your e-reputation according to your business objectives.

On the other hand, a personalized mass strategy is necessary, because the more your network grows, the more it opens the door to new people. 

Quality is one thing, but quantity is another when it comes to time optimization.

To do so, we use Stent technologies for its multiple advantages:

  • Operational ease: configuration and monitoring of performance statistics
  • Artificial intelligence: sending personalized messages, sales funnel tracking and socio-demographic data. 

When artificial intelligence transforms into business intelligence

Thanks to the learning machine developed by Stent’s developers and programmers, we can understand the different trends and the responsiveness of the prospects we engage with. Whether it’s in the early stages of the relationship, or when making an appointment to enter a more crucial stage of the sales cycle, you can stay focused on your business goals.

It is possible to better prepare for meetings with your prospects as Stent is able to provide you with socio-demographic data estimated from the actions your prospects take on LinkedIn. 

These approximations are all the more interesting if your campaign is for recruitment and you have quotas and parity objectives to reach. 

Stent: a tailor-made operationalization  

Stent is a practical tool for setting up campaigns, whether they are for expanding your network, recruiting, following up with your existing network or as part of a content marketing strategy. 

Better yet, you can have each of these options at the same time if you need them.

At every step, our marketing strategists at V3 Digital will show you the best ways to achieve your business objectives.

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