The secrets to LinkedIn

By Fusée Nai23 July 2020Social Selling

Having mixed feelings about the idea of migrating to LinkedIn? Are you reluctant to take action and optimize your profile? Rest assured. With more than 680 million subscribers, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for any professional looking to grow their business opportunities.

LinkedIn secrets are becoming more and more valuable. In an era when B2B marketing is directly linked to relationship marketing, those who use LinkedIn regularly have proven to generate more sales and leads. With our strategic advice, you’ll ensure your success, and unravel the mystery behind Social Selling!

1st Secret: Expand Your Network


Building a convincing and engaging profile on LinkedIn can be a challenge. But every moment you spend enhancing your image proves your willingness to make the leap from a beginner to an absolute expert! Once this is done, you’ll increase the chances of your invitations being accepted. In order to expand your network, here are a few steps to consider:

  • Gradually develop your professional network. Send out invitations on a daily basis. Along with your invitation, be sure to send a personalized message. This indicates that you took the time to get to know and evaluate your audience.
  • Your first goal is to get a 500+ rating. From a networking perspective, this not only reinforces your professionalism, but also makes your invitations more attractive.
  • Adapt your invitation message to the person you are targeting. Impersonal messages tend to be considered as undesirable, which weakens your chances of connecting.
  • Use a warm and professional conversational tone in your message. Don’t rush your contact with a message that may be too “salesy.” Instead, let them know you want to network.
  • It is important to exchange with your contacts. If you want to maximize your visibility, you must interact with your audience; that is, like, share or, more importantly, comment on each post. The LinkedIn algorithm favors profiles that have a lot of interactions, so use it to your advantage!

Publish Content on LinkedIn


Needless to say, it’s no secret that the content you publish influences your company’s image. By properly planning a content marketing campaign, you will ensure that you are read by a diverse and engaged audience. With this in mind, it is therefore important to publish timely, accurate and consistent content. Prior to preparing your content, you’ll need to target your audience. Once you this is completed, you’ll be able to attract and engage your target audience in discussion and exchange views.

In terms of consistency, you must ensure that your posts are coherent and relevant. This brings added value to your publications which your target audience can benefit from. This should be a priority because that is when you’ll be able to measure how much your audience is growing and taking action.

Authenticity is key to writing a publication that will boost your good organic reach; think about topics that matter to you in life, such as work-life balance, professional tips, and tricks, teamwork, among other things. At the same time, it proves that you listen to people’s expectations, your employer awareness, and diversifies your content without necessarily focusing only on the services you offer. This approach also reflects the Social Selling philosophy.

As for the best times to publish, we suggest that you plan a specific schedule to write out your content.

In fact, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to publish on LinkedIn. The best times to get the most engagement is 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m.

However, these are general guidelines. You should also rely on current events and your knowledge and expertise of your audience. A publication in the heat of the moment can also generate traffic, depending on its relevance or engagement rate.

With only 0.5% of all LinkedIn members who publish on a weekly basis, creating consistent content is an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage. By doing so, you place yourself among the platform’s pioneers, reinforce your brand image and contribute to the efficiency of your Social Selling initiatives. Seize the moment and publish relevant, timely and useful information to ensure the trust of your target audience!

Ask for recommendations


Whether you’re looking for a new job, hiring, discovering new business opportunities, or expanding your network, getting recommendations is a definite asset to optimizing your LinkedIn account. Profiles are classified by level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and absolute expert.

In order to maximize your visibility or notoriety, it is desirable to aim for the absolute expert level. To reach this goal, we’ve explained the first steps in our article “Practical advice to improve your professional image on Linkedin”. The last step is to obtain recommendations from peers.  With recommendations from former colleagues, employers, collaborators or experts, your profile will be more reliable, giving more credibility and value to your offer.

Is there a difference between an endorsement and a recommendation?

Yes, there is! 

You can put up to 50 skill endorsements on your profile, and these can be validated by other people, the same way “likes” are applied on social media. 

It’s a great step. Recommendations, on the other hand, are more detailed and concise. 

A recommendation is a paragraph that others write to vouch for your expertise or professionalism. It is a more thorough appreciation of your professional qualities and strengths!

With specific recommendations from people you have already contacted or worked with, you increase your credibility, which will help you shine in your future initiatives!

The ultimate LinkedIn secret: V3 Stent


With V3 Stent, you have the opportunity to enhance your LinkedIn profile as a way to demonstrate your expertise to your prospects. Take advantage of our services while we support you with:

  • Strategies for optimizing your LinkedIn profile and lead segmentation;
  • The analysis and creation of your personal branding;
  • The creation of your LinkedIn business network;
  • Initiating interesting conversations with targeted contacts in your new business network;
  • Planning and implementing a content strategy on the platform;
  • Applying the Social Selling approach through training with V3 Academy.

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