What is the best approach for a B2B relationship on LinkedIn?

By Fusée Nai23 July 2020Social Selling

In today’s digital age, B2B marketing strategies are constantly evolving, resulting in new ways of pursuing business opportunities. In fact, only 2% of cold calls to prospects lead to an actual appointment. Now, what can you do to stand out and make B2B business relationships a success? 

Social Selling may be a wise path to consider.

Social Selling is the art of optimizing communication, exchanges and connections between users on social media, such as LinkedIn or Twitter. This approach allows you to reach the right prospects, build relationships with key individuals in your professional sphere as a way to foster growth, expertise and benefits. Serving both parties well in the short and long term, this relationship begins by sending messages to prospects who have already accepted to be in your network. This opens the door to communicating and discussing with them and since the person is already a contact with whom you have networked, they are less likely to be surprised by a direct message.

When Social Selling Pays Off


Social media has a great influence on the way we interact with people. In the workplace, 78% of professionals who have adopted Social Selling outperformed their peers who neglected it.  With Social Selling, which generates 45% more business opportunities compared to traditional sales techniques, not only will your online presence be optimized and valued but your B2B sales results will increase as well.

While benefiting from LinkedIn’s effective targeting features, you will be able to find the best performers for your company. Also, as the platform generates the most conversions for professionals in B2B (80% of all social networks), you can make sure to utilize its resources by:

  • Building an image that ranks you as an expert in your field;
  • Building a network of qualified prospects;
  • Publishing content on a regular basis;
  • Following up on generated business opportunities.

Human contact at the core of your B2B initiatives


LinkedIn is a social network where you can create and manage your business relationships. Through meaningful exchanges, knowledge sharing and stimulating discussions, you’ll be able to create long-lasting connections and partnerships, which will help to build mutual trust and confidence. This is an important influencing factor, as 87% of B2B buyers consider that they are more comfortable with a prospecting initiative coming from their professional network than an unscheduled meeting or cold calling approach. 

The first step in Social Selling is to expand your network. Since you have created your audience through targeted invitations, there is a great deal of information about your potential customers at your fingertips. You can use this as a basis for your future interactions with them.

Because at the end of the day, building a relationship is one of the most important things you can do!

That being said, be sure to write messages based on your target audience(s), and customize them as much as necessary.

 Social Selling is a mass personalization approach, but the importance of the initial contact and the relationship you want to establish should not be overlooked. Human interaction, your interest and investment in your contacts are what will lead you to great results.

V3 Digital: Your guide to the digital world of B2B initiatives


V3 Digital’s mission is to offer you efficient and reliable LinkedIn marketing solutions.

Our goal is to help B2B companies optimize their performance in their business development on LinkedIn. We focus on human expertise, personalities, and the characteristics that make them excellent ambassadors. 

We help expose their savviness and resourcefulness, by breaking the isolation barrier of professionals and giving them the opportunity to be spokespersons and opinion leaders in their industry. This not only enhances the value of their role but also contributes greatly to the attitude that key prospects will have towards their company.

By choosing V3 Digital, you’ll get:

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